Other Solar Products

Solar Dock and Pathway Lights

  • Monocrystal Solar Panel
  • 6 White LED bulbs - 5mm - 3 per side
  • Material Aluminum alloy housing and PC top
  • Product Size Panel: 2.5"L x 3"W Light: 4"L x 1" H
  • Up to 16 continuous hours of light between dusk and dawn.
  • Can be mounted directly into the ground
  • Robust design, waterproof, shock proof, heavy load resistant, hardness tested
Solar Step Light Solar Dock Light

Solar Flood Light with Infrared Motion Sensor

  • Making use of the latest solar technology and PIR sensor, this solar flood light (EL10BH) is perfect for entrance and security lighting.
  • The 10W JC halogen bulb light source is sufficient to light up any surrounding once triggered by PIR sensor. The sensor can detect people up to a 12m range. There are adjustable knobs to control the duration of light, PIR motion sensor sensitivity and lux sensitivity (light/dark).
  • Automatically switched on by PIR motion sensor and switched off by preset, adjustable timer
  • On-Auto-Off switch modes
  • Solar powered by rectangular, detachable solar panel (125mm x 125mm) - mounted separately facing the sun and linked by a 5M cable cord
  • Power of solar panel: 1.35W at full sun
  • Type of battery: 6V 4Ah lead-acid battery
  • Brightness: 10W halogen bulb
  • Passive infrared motion sensor: 180 degree horizontal angle with maximum detection area of 12m
  • Adjustable timer for switching on from 0 to 60s
  • Built-in protective circuit to avoid overcharge or discharge of the battery
Solar Light Small

Solar Street Light

  • This solar lamp utilizes 20 super bright white LED's to give illumination from dusk to dawn. The light sits atop a seven foot tall cast aluminum pole that can be bolted to the ground for security and stability. The solar panels are discreetly hidden in the lid of the lamp. This lamp will run for 8 to 10 hours when fully charged in the sun. It has a photo sensor in the lid to turn on automatically after dusk and has a manual on/off switch for when you don't want it to come on. The lamp is easy to assemble as it comes in only 4 pieces. The pole is in 3 sections and the lamp is already assembled allowing you to put the light together in only minutes. It is perfect for paths, patios, decks, driveways, etc.
  • Environmental-friendly product, no electricity consumed
  • Automatically turns on at night and off during the day
  • Aluminum alloy construction, glass lampshade
  • Solar powered by monocrystal or similar quality solar panel
  • NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 20 bright white LED's
  • 8 to 10 hours of light at night at full sun
  • Dusk to dawn photo cell and on-off switch
  • Two section pole
  • Hexagonal base for mounting on floor
  • Dimensions: 225 x 225 x 1750 (H) mm
Solar Street Light Head Solar Street Light

MODEL FL-30 DC pump

  • 12 VOLTS
  • FLOW 10 (litres/minute)
  • 2.2 AMP DRAW
DC Water Pump


  • 12 VOLTS
  • FLOW 2 (litres/minute)
  • 1.8 AMP DRAW
Compact DC Water Pump