Solar Pool Heating

"A solar heating system for your pool is an economical alternative to conventional heaters... In fact, solar pool heating for your home is the most economical solar application in Canada today... Because of our climate, many Canadian consumers are skeptical that there is enough sunlight to support a solar pool heater. In fact, there is more than enough solar energy for pool owners across Canada to heat their pools without a back-up heater from May through September. "
— Courtesy of Gov't of Canada - Natural Resources

Capital Solar carries all the major brands of solar pool heaters - we can recommend the right solution based on your needs and budget!!

No other solar product has the return on investment of a solar pool heater. Our newest product employs state of the art evacuated tube technology to turn the sun's rays in to heat for your pool.
It's perfect for the Ottawa summer!! The system is so effective it works even on cloudy or cooler days and remember these panels produce heat all day long.
You can leave your existing pool heater in place and supplement with Solar!
Installation is quick and easy, and the unit can be mounted almost anywhere (stand is included). It uses your existing pool pump so no need to buy costly pumps or run additional wiring.
Warm your pool in Ottawa with solar power heating
  • 5 Year Guarantee on Manifold
  • 15 Year Guarantee on Heat Tubes
  • Extend your swimming season by up to two months with free solar heating
  • Produces heat even on cloudy days
  • Silent Operation
  • ROI (Return On Investment) in as little as 2 Years!
  • Amortized over the expected life of the equipment that works out to as little as $150 a year to heat your pool. You can't match that with Electric, Propane or even Natural gas!!!
Power your homes in Ottawa with solar power
This same technology has been used for years in other countries to provide safe, reliable, quiet and trouble-free water heating. Email us today for a free no obligation quote for your pool!!!

How it works

Inner workings of a solar power heating product

Quick Sizing Guide

Above Ground 12 to 18 ft Round 1 - 2 WSE47 Solar Panels
Above Ground 18 to 24 ft Round 2 - 4 WSE47 Solar Panels
Inground Pool 16 x 32 ft 5 - 6 WSE47 Solar Panels
Inground Pool 18 x 36 ft 6 - 7 WSE47 Solar Panels